Saturday, 5 February 2011

Happy World Nutella Day!

I learned about this day almost a year ago, and was really sad I missed it. And as I am as freaky about important dates as I am about language, I have been waiting for it ever since.
And even made up a little photo sesh to acknowledge it :)

I won't talk too much so as to let the real star shine. Nutella on homemade bread.
And a bite.
And a Mr. Knife close-up. I'm a sucker for sales promotion. It can be useful when your Nutella is kept in a warm spot to achieve maximum creaminess. Otherwise, it's just a prop :)
What surprised me recently, was that I didn't like the homemade version. I'm always up for the homemade stuff, but I wasn't sold on it. I loved the fact that I only put three ingredients into it (hazelnuts, cocoa powder and powdered sugar), put the taste wasn't all that. It was good, but let's call it hazelnut sauce, just not Nutella.
Have a nice Nutella day!

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  1. i cannot believe their is a whole day devoted just to nutella!! i love it :) thanks for sharing the news!